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Developing & Leveraging Total Talents

Total Talents, LLC helps individuals, teams and organizations maximize their talents to improve performance and achieve professional and organization success.  We help clients:

  • identify and clarify their key values and beliefs;

  • develop strategies to authentically drive action planning and behaviors;

  • leverage unique talents and strengths;

  • build respectful and inclusive relationships with team members, customers and communities; and

  • commit to continued development.

Each element is important in a competitive business environment and for personal and professional actualization.


We provide the following services:

  • leadership coaching

  • team building & employee engagement

  • diversity & inclusion strategic and program planning

  • employee and leadership development

  • retreat planning and facilitation


All Talents Valued and Developed


To empower individuals, teams and organizations to be at their best by clarifying beliefs and values, aligning goals and maximizing talents

If hitting a target does not connect with something more central to who you are, then you may meet many targets but the accomplishments may not get you where you want to go.

Are you on the right path for you?

Hot Topics

Your team members are talking about . . .

Your team members are afraid to talk about . . .

Some conversations are best facilitated by a neutral party. 

Some employee concerns are more completely revealed through focus groups or 1:1 interviews.

We can assist you.

Current interests with potential high impact on performance

Leaders, are you getting the feedback you need?

Strategies for getting honest and constructive feedback:

  • Ask for regular feedback from supporters and critics.

  • Review your performance relative to your goals.

  • Assess your performance within the context of your organization's culture.

  • Use strength assessment tools.

  • Be discerning when seeking trusted advisors.

  • Remember when you were not the leader.

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